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Product features, points and application introduction of radial split case pump
 Nov 30, 2021|View:192

Radial split case pump is mainly composed of suction section, middle section, press-out section, shaft, impeller, guide vane, sealing ring, balancing device, bearing parts, outer cylinder body, etc. It is assembled by separate pump section between suction body and discharge body of the pump, and the suction body and discharge body are tightened by large bolts and assembled. The head of this pump can be increased or decreased according to the number of pump stages. Each level of pump section directly constitutes the pressure-bearing body, so the inter-stage seal is required between pump sections to prevent liquid leakage to the outside. The number of diaphragm seals as well as the pressure increases with the number of pump stages. The development of modern scale industry has put forward higher requirements for multi-stage pumps, and the design of pumps has developed in the direction of high reliability, long life and high performance.

Radial split case pump

The product features of radial split case pump are

(1) The axial thrust adopts single balance drum with thrust bearing or double balance drum with thrust bearing, and the remaining axial thrust is borne by the thrust bearing.

(2) The whole core package structure, short troubleshooting time.

(3) The shaft seals of the pump are all mechanical seals, generally using balanced single-end mechanical seals; in higher temperature occasions, metal bellows are selected as auxiliary seals.

(4) For the feed pump, it can adopt the self-flushing method. For the high temperature oil pump which is greater than 205℃, it is recommended to use the method of external flushing coolant for flushing, and generally wax oil can be used.

The main advantage of radial split case pump is that the shape of the flow channel is more regular, the size of the shell is small, so casting is easier, less man-hours, ordinary equipment can be processed. The pressure-bearing area between segments is relatively small, the sealing surface is narrow, and the sealing surface rarely fails to seal. In addition, when used for high temperature medium transmission, the possibility of thermal expansion is also small. Therefore, it is not easy to deformation, the cylindrical force situation is better, the wall thickness is relatively small, the radial and axial dimensions are compact, the external dimensions are small, and the weight is relatively small. The purpose of adopting double shell section structure is to ensure the symmetry along the axis of the structure, so that the feed pump can ensure the correct concentricity when it is subjected to thermal shock, and prevent the wear and tear of the dynamic and static parts of the feed pump due to uneven heat when it starts and stops and operates under different working conditions. The advantages of this structure are convenient maintenance, shorten working period, reduce leakage, and in the case of spare core package, the repair work can be completed quickly in case of downtime to resume the operation of the pump set, improve the efficiency of the pump set and reduce economic losses.

Accessories for Radial split case pump

Due to the one-way arrangement of the impeller, the axial thrust generated by the pump in operation must be balanced to ensure the axial positioning of the rotor and stable operation. For the parallel arrangement of the impeller rotor, the need to design a balancing device, generally using a balancing disk or balance drum structure. Although the balancing disc mechanism has the advantages of sensitive balancing compared with the balancing drum structure, it still has the disadvantages of small sealing gap, low hydraulic efficiency and easy failure.

Application fields of radial split case pump.

The application field of radial split case pump is wide, according to the selected material and different shaft seal, it can be applied to boiler feed water of power plant, condensate and high pressure water in industrial equipment, petrochemical process, large chemical fertilizer and coal chemical process, refining high pressure equipment feed; ethylene transportation; onshore and offshore water injection; offshore crude oil transportation, and steel mill descaling and many other fields.