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Structure of split casing pump and precautions required
 Jan 04, 2022|View:1172

Split casing pump is a vertical structure. As its inlet and outlet are on the same line with the same diameter, it is similar to a section of pipe and can be installed in any direction of the pipe. split casing pump's structural features: it is a single suction single stage centrifugal pump, the import and export are on the same straight line, orthogonal to the axis, and it is a vertical pump.

split casing pump

Some general knowledge about the structure and precautions of split casing pump.

1. Motor: the main part that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy

2. Pump seat: the main body of the pump, playing a supporting and fixing role

3. Impeller: the core part of split casing pump. It has high speed and high output, and the impeller plays a major role. Impeller must pass static balance test before installation. The inner and outer surface of the impeller needs to be lubricated to reduce the friction loss of water flow

Classification of impeller.

Open impeller: suitable for conveying materials containing a large amount of suspended solids and conveying liquids with low power and low pressure

Semi-closed impeller: suitable for conveying solid particles, fibers and other materials that are easy to precipitate or contain suspended particles, and the power is also low

Closed impeller: suitable for conveying clean liquid without impurities, with high power

4. Pump shaft: connected to the motor, is the main part of the transfer of mechanical energy

5. Mechanical seal: a device to prevent liquid leakage through adhesion and relative sliding

According to split casing pump model selection, should be based on the process and water supply and drainage requirements, from the liquid conveying capacity, equipment head, liquid nature, piping arrangement and operating conditions and other five aspects to consider.

1. Flow rate is one of the important functional data for pump selection, which is directly related to the production capacity and conveying capacity of the whole equipment. For example, the normal, small and large flow rate of the pump can be calculated in the process planning of the planning institute.

2. The head or pressure required by the equipment system is another important functional data for selecting the pipeline pump, which is generally selected by increasing the head by 5%-10%.

Liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties are temperature c density d, viscosity u, the diameter of solid particles in the medium and the content of gas, which involves the head of the system, the effective cavitation margin accounting and the type of suitable pump: chemical properties, mainly refers to the chemical corrosiveness of the liquid medium, is an important basis for the selection of pump materials and the selection of that type of shaft seal Chemical properties, mainly refers to the chemical corrosiveness of the liquid medium, is an important basis for selecting pump materials and choosing that type of shaft seal.

Split casing pump factory

4. The piping arrangement conditions of the equipment system refers to the liquid delivery height, liquid delivery interval, liquid delivery direction, low liquid level on the suction side, high liquid level on the discharge side, and some other data and piping standards and their length, materials, pipe fitting standards, quantity, etc., in order to carry out the coefficient head calculation and cavitation margin verification.

In the selection of split casing pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the appropriate split casing pump.