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Advantages and disadvantages of horizontal pumps and vertical pumps
 Nov 17, 2021|View:450
Horizontal pumps are also known as horizontal centrifugal pumps, and vertical pumps are also known as vertical pipeline centrifugal pumps. Horizontal pumps and vertical pumps have their own advantages and disadvantages, and vertical pumps are divided into vertical single-stage centrifugal pumps and vertical multistage centrifugal pumps. The following pump manufacturers explain the advantages and disadvantages of these two pumps.

Advantages and disadvantages of horizontal pumps

horizontal pumps

Advantages of horizontal centrifugal pumps

Simple construction, convenient maintenance, fixed installation without vibration, better sealing, low noise, easy maintenance, cheap price.

Disadvantages of horizontal centrifugal pump

Large footprint, restricted suction height, low installation position, easy to be damp, easy to be flooded. Affects safe operation. Need to build pump house, large investment cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical pumps

vertical pumps

Advantages of vertical centrifugal pumps

High speed, light weight, high efficiency, simple structure. Smooth performance, easy to operate and maintain. Small size, no need to build a pump house and can be put into production, saving money.

(1) The over-flow parts are made of alloy materials with good wear resistance, so the service life is long. Reasonable structure design, reliable operation, low vibration, low noise, easy maintenance.

(2) Strong sealing performance, reliable.

(3) Vertical pump installation and maintenance is convenient, no need to disassemble the pipeline system, only need to remove the pipe centrifugal pump base nut can pump out all the rotor parts.
Disadvantages of vertical centrifugal pump

Need to empty the gas in the pump before starting, can be used for gas transfer and liquid transfer, and can be used for liquid with viscosity close to water.