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What are the self-priming factors of vertical end suction pump
 Jan 02, 2022|View:428

The self-priming performance of vertical end suction pump mainly includes self-priming time and maximum self-priming height. Self-priming time is the time required for the vertical end suction pump to pump up liquid in the self-priming process. The maximum self-priming height is the maximum height of the vertical end suction pump for the liquid surface when pumping on the liquid.

vertical end suction pump

By analyzing the factors affecting the self-priming performance of vertical end suction pump, it is found that.

1、Increasing the maximum circumferential speed of the impeller outlet can effectively increase the self-priming capacity of the self-priming pump, but this will affect the basic performance parameters of the pump such as flow rate and head.

2. There is a direct relationship between water storage and self-priming performance: when the water storage increases, the self-priming height of the pump increases significantly, but when the water is too large, it will slow down the process of gas discharge and increase the self-priming time. Therefore, the self-priming pump should reasonably determine the size of the water storage chamber.

3、The area of the reflux hole is related to the self-priming time and self-priming height.

4、Setting gas-liquid separation acceleration device can accelerate the gas-liquid separation, that is, it can shorten the self-priming time. Therefore, if the structure of the self-priming pump allows, a separation chamber should be set to shorten the self-priming time.

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To sum up, when improving the self-priming performance of the vertical end suction pump, all factors should be taken into consideration so that the vertical end suction pump can meet the requirements of use.