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Vertical turbine pump
vertical turbine pump

Vertical turbine pump

Product Detail

Our NDL vertical turbine pump is suitable for a variety of marine and industrial applications, such as main engine lubricating oil pumps, seawater lifting, oil rig, fire fighting, coal mine drainage, well pumping, agricultural irrigation and drainage, petrochemical,, oil & gas, municipal engineering, etc.

It can be driven by a vertical motor or horizontal diesel engine via right angle gear drive.

Working Range


Head: 20 - 140 m / 70 - 460 feet

Flow: 125 - 1250 m3/h / 550 - 5500 USgpm


Head: 30 - 200 m / 100 - 660 feet

Flow: 150 - 1500 m3/h / 660 - 6600 USgpm

Medium temperature range

With standard mechanical seal, max. medium temperature is up to 100 °C / 212 °F

With special mechanical seal or configuration, max. medium temperature is up to 220 °C / 428 °F

vertical turbine pump Structure Diagram


High efficiency: energy-saving products, new optimized hydraulic model (high-order equation G2-A surface design method), improve efficiency and cavitation performance

Volute adopts space guide vane, high efficien­cy, radial balance, low vibration, low noise and high reliability

Maintenance-free, no centering needed, no need to disassemble the pump body and motor for changing the seal

Low submerged depth requirements

Modular design, flexible configuration

Two-way detachable, shorter time for removing or replacing parts

Space saving

Material and configuration

Pump Casing Cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, nickel aluminum bronze, 304, 316, duplex stainless steel
Cast iron, ductile iron, nickel aluminum bronze, 304, 316, duplex stainless steel
Wear ringComposite materials, bronze, 316, CR6100
ShaftCarbon steel, 304, 316, duplex stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel
Shaft sealSingle/ double mechanical seal, oil seal, cartridge mechanical seal, gland packing

Typical Structures

Vertical turbine pump With Enclosed Shaft

With Enclosed Shaft

Vertical turbine pump With Open Shaft

With Open Shaft

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Vertical turbine pump fabrication

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