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Installation method of vertical turbine pump
 Nov 02, 2021|View:238
The following pump manufacturers to explain the installation method of Vertical turbine pump.

Vertical turbine pump

1. Before installation, Vertical turbine pump fasteners should be checked for looseness, Vertical turbine pump installation, there is no foreign body blockage in the flow channel of the pump body to avoid damage to the impeller and pump body when the booster pump is running.

2. Before installation, Vertical turbine pump should be fully checked for damage during transportation. If there is damage, professional personnel should be asked to replace or repair the pump in time.

3. Before running Vertical turbine pump, check the insulation resistance should be more than 20 megohm, otherwise, it should be dried in time.

4. The weight of the pipe should not be added to the pipe booster pump during installation to avoid deformation of the pump.

5. The foot bolt must be tightened during installation to avoid vibration when starting to affect the performance of the pump.

6. In order to use safety and maintenance convenience, install a regulating valve on each of the pump's import and export pipelines, and install a pressure gauge near the pump's outlet to ensure operation within the rated head and flow rate to ensure normal operation of the pump and increase the service life of the vertical pipeline booster pump.

7. Seal the import and export flange of the pump and the pipeline flange with rubber gaskets and connect them firmly.

8. Install a regulating valve on the import and export pipeline of the pump, and install a pressure gauge near the export flange.

9. After installation, rotate the pump shaft, the impeller should not have friction sound and jamming phenomenon, if there is abnormality, please check the cause and solve it in time.

Vertical turbine pump Manufacturer

10. Open the inlet regulating valve to fill the sealing chamber with liquid, and after determining the correct steering of the vertical pipe booster pump, open the regulating valve on the outlet line of the regulating valve to make the Vertical turbine pump run near the rated point to ensure the operation efficiency.