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Customized submersible propeller pumps, substitutes of Grundfos KPL sereis, used in Thailand
 Nov 04, 2021|View:848

6 sets of customized submersible propeller pumps, substitutes of original Grundfos pumps

Date: July, 2021, Thailand

Our customized proposal

After receiving inquiry of submersible axial flow pumps from our Thailand customer, we found several deviations from Chinese standard products.

1. One-lead cable was required.

2. Existing column pipe would not be changed, and diameter generally follows Grundfos.

3. Wear ring/Liner between casing and impeller was required.

Based on our experiences of competition with Flygt and Grundfos, we offered workable proposal and good price. This helped our customer win the bidding.


Pumps and parts

Our sources are capable of providing similar design as international brands, to help customers and users change as less habits and changes to site as possible.


1-Impeller wear ring/Liner

2-Optimized suction bell

3-One-piece casting impeller

4-Suction bell support

5-One-lead cable

Finished pumps and delivery

Pumps were well tested according to ISO9906:2016 Gr.2B.

They’ve been installed and have been operated for couple of months in good condition.