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MN/MF solids handling pump
Solids handling pump

MN/MF solids handling pump

Product Detail

As an end-suction, side-discharge, mixed-flow, non-clog pump, MN/MF series are designed and engineered for reliability, low cost and long life in demanding sewage handling services or where solids in suspension are of particular concern.

MN solids handling pump Structure Diagram




And Motor mounts

lHorizontal end suction

MN-motor mounted on common baseplate

lVertical with supportive base elbow

MNC-motor mounted on pedestal

MNV-motor mounted on separate floor

lVertical with bottom suction

MNF-motor mounted on pedestal

MNZ-motor mounted on separate floor

lHorizontal end suction

MF-motor mounted on common baseplate

lVertical with supportive base elbow

MFV-motor mounted on separate floor

MFC-direct connected motor

Nozzle orientation

Variety of nozzle positions to suit most piping arrangements

without special or costly modifications


Robust construction

Special materials

lMinimal shaft deflection with oversized shaft and reduced overhang virtually eliminating shaft failure and increasing packing or seal life

lConservative bearing design arranged to eliminate all radial and axial play

lReplaceable hardened chrome steel wear rings on impeller and suction head to extend pump life

lHardened chrome steel shaft sleeve standard

lSupports to minimize vibration and assure rigidity

High Efficiency

Broad hydraulic range

Reduced power consumption

lMaximum solids handling capabilities

lWide range of efficient operation and reduced power consumption

lAdjustable wear ring clearance for continued high efficiency

Easy maintenance

lEasy access to stuffing box through large openings in the bearing housing support

lRemovable gland for easy packing adjust­ment or replacement

lStuffing box arranged for either grease or water seal

lWide variety of mechanical seal options

lBack pullout of entire rotating assembly without disturbing the casing or suction and discharge piping

lReadily accessible lubrication points in bearing housing

Complementary design

lDry-pit, solids-handling

lVertical, wet-pit

lSubmersible non-clog

Operating Range


Flows up to 45 500 m3/h (200 000 gpm)

Heads up to 90 m (300 ft)

Sizes up to 1800 mm (10-72 in)

Solids size up to 249mm (9-4/5 in)


Flows up to 2275 m3/h (10 000 gpm)

Heads up to 90 m (300 ft)

Sizes up to 400 mm (3-16 in)

Solids size up to 152mm (6 in)


Material Construction

Main Part




Cast iron

1.5% Ni Cast iron


Cast iron

1.5% Ni Cast iron

Stuffing box frame

Cast iron

1.5% Ni Cast iron

Bearing frame

Cast iron

Cast iron


Cast steel

13% chrome steel


13% chrome steel

13% chrome steel

Other options as per requirement.

MF solids handling pump
submersible solids handling pump
solids handling centrifugal pump

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