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Types and performance characteristics of the Progressive cavity pump
 Nov 10, 2022|View:257

The Progressive cavity pump, like the gear pump, is a positive displacement rotor pump. Due to its unique structure, self-priming ability, high efficiency, small size, reliable operation, and wide viscosity range of the conveying medium, therefore, it is widely used in petroleum exploitation, crude oil transportation, petrochemical industry, sewage treatment, and other industrial sectors, the demand has been growing year after year.

Progressive cavity pump

There are many types of Progressive cavity pumps, and there are usually several ways to classify them.

Screw installation according to the axial position is divided into a vertical pump and a horizontal pump.

A progressive cavity pumpis divided into a sealedProgressive cavity pump and an unsealed Progressive cavity pump according to the sealing degree of the volume cavity formed by screw and bushing, that is, the perfection of separating the suction cavity from the pressing cavity in theory.

The number of screws is divided into a single Progressive cavity pumpand a multi-Progressive cavity pump, multi-Progressive cavity pump can be divided into two Progressive cavity pumps, three Progressive cavity pumps, and five Progressive cavity pumps.

Each has its own advantages and must be chosen wisely when applying the Progressive cavity pump. Only by taking full advantage of the respective features of the Progressive cavity pump can we better achieve energy saving, and material saving and meet certain special requirements.

Performance characteristics of the Progressive cavity pump

(1) The spiral sealing line formed by the contact between the stator and the rotor of the Progressive cavity pumpcompletely separates the suction cavity from the discharge cavity (the pressure cavity) so that the pump has the function of valve isolation.

(2) The Progressive cavity pumphas a higher suction capacity (up to 8.5 m) than other types of pumps

(3) The multiphase transportation of liquid, gas, and solid can be realized.

(4) The volume of the fluid flow in the Progressive cavity pumpdoes not change, and there is no turbulence, agitation, or pulsation.

(5) the viscosity of the conveying medium can reach 3 × 106 mpa. S, the solid content can reach 60%.

(6) The volume formed by the elastic stator of the Progressive cavity pumpcan effectively reduce the attrition when conveying the medium containing solid particles.

(7) The flow rate is directly proportional to the rotational speed, and the flow rate can be adjusted automatically with the help of the governor.

(8) Constant pressure control to prevent dry rotation.

These are the types and performance features of the Progressive cavity pump. If you have any other questions, you can contact us directly.