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Submersible Column Pump prohibitions
 Sep 02, 2022|View:357

The Submersible Column Pumpis an important piece of equipment to carry water from deep wells, but you need to pay attention to these prohibitions when using it.

Not grounded

TheSubmersible Column Pumpcan be used safely only if it is grounded.

Do not install a leakage protector

Submersible Column Pumpworks in water, easy leakage caused by loss of electricity and even lead to electric shock accidents.

The motor rotates in the opposite direction

Now there are many types of Submersible Column Pumpforward and reverse can be out of the water, but when the reverse is small water, large current, reverse a long time will damage the motor winding.

Submersible Column Pump

Power on when the power supply voltage is abnormal

Both high and low voltages can raise the Submersible Column Pump's temperature too high, shorten its life, and even burn it down.

Frequent switch

Submersible Column Pumpshould not be the too frequent start, this is because the Submersible Column Pumpshutdown will produce reflux, if immediately start, will make the motor load start, resulting in a too large starting current.

Long-term overwork

To avoid long-term overload of submersible pump, do not use the low-head pump for high-head work, do not pump sediment content (heavy mud) of water, and at any time observe whether the current value is within the specified range.

Used in muddy environments

Submersible Column Pumpin use if the mud will lead to poor cooling and burn out the motor windings.

After long-term suspension in water do not ask

Submersible Column Pumpif not used continuously after the well, a long time will rust, resulting in can not to start.

The above are the prohibitions of Submersible Column Pump, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.