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What are the operating precautions for mixed flow centrifugal pumps
 Nov 03, 2021|View:425
1.Inspection before starting mixed flow centrifugal pump

In order to ensure the safe operation of mixed flow centrifugal pump, a comprehensive inspection of the whole unit should be done before starting, and problems should be found and dealt with in time. The inspection content is as follows.

mixed flow centrifugal pump

(1) Check whether there is any debris around the pump and whether the screws in each part are loose.

(2) Check whether all kinds of instruments are complete and accurate, flexible and useful.

(3) Check and adjust the sealing packing tightness, sealing packing box is not blocked.

(4) Check whether the machine pump with heat cooling circulation system is good.

5)Check whether the coupling is concentric and the end gap is suitable.

6)Check whether the lubricating oil quality of the pump is qualified and the oil level should be within the specified range.

(7) Check whether the electrical equipment and grounding wire are intact.

mixed flow submersible pump

2. Preparation before starting mixed flow centrifugal pump

After a thorough inspection, confirm that everything is normal before making preparations for starting, there are mainly the following tasks.

1)Close the valve on the discharge line in order to reduce the starting power.

2)Open the pump inlet valve, fill the pump and the filter cylinder with liquid, and release the filter cylinder and the gas in the pump, and activate the outlet valve.

3)When the large pump adopts vacuum pump to pump and fill the pump, close the bleeding cocks as well as the cocks of vacuum gauge and pressure gauge to ensure the accuracy of the instrument.

(4) The disk car is flexible and not stuck.

5)Contact with relevant posts before starting the pump and pour the relevant process.

3.Start operation of mixed flow centrifugal pump

After completing the above preparatory work, the pump can be started and operated as follows.

(1) Press the start button, the current will drop from the highest value, the secondary start, the pump pressure will rise steadily, slowly open the pump outlet valve, and adjust the pump pressure and flow rate according to the production needs.

(2) Check whether the indication of various meters is normal and the actual working current of the motor is not allowed to exceed the rated current.

(3) Check that the sealing points do not seep or leak.

4)Check whether the leakage amount of seal packing exceeds the standard, and adjust it appropriately

5)Check that the unit has no vibration, no abnormal sound and no odor.

6)Check that the machine and pump bearings do not exceed the temperature.

7)After the pump runs normally, contact with relevant posts, keep an eye on the change of tank level to prevent pump emptying and tank overflow, and hang up the operation sign.

8)Record relevant production data and make all records.

4.mixed flow centrifugal pump stop pump operation

1)Prepare the pump before stopping after receiving the notice.

2)Close the pump outlet valve, when the current drops close to the minimum value, press the stop button, and then quickly close the outlet valve.

3)After the pump is stopped and the coil is rotating flexibly, close the inlet valve.

4)Pull down the knife gate, cut off the power supply, and hang the stop sign.

5)Make a record of stopping the pump and notify the relevant posts.