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16“(400mm) Low NPSHr horizontal mixed flow centrifugal pumps supplied to Romania
 Nov 04, 2021|View:756

11sets of 16“(400mm) Low NPSHr horizontal mixed flow centrifugal pumps

Date: October, 2021, Romania

Replace existing pumps which has operated for decades

Favorably our 11 sets of mixed flow pump sets have arrived to site inf Romania according to customer’s response recently, and successfully they have been installed and commissioned.

Pump duty point is 1404m3/hr @ 10m head, fitted with SS316 impeller, SKF bearing and Burgmann packings, and c/w 55kW/8P motor. NPSHr is required be not higher than 3.9m.

After approval of our offer and PO placing, we arranged for production as per scheduled, and tested all pumps for both hydraulic performance and NPSH according to ISO9906:2012 Gr.2B.


To match the quality of existing pumps, besides quality control to all parts during production, we applied painting standard higher than customer’s requirements.


Low NPSHr was required

As per site information provided by customer, the NPSHr of pump at duty point was required to be not higher than 3.9m, while the normal mixed flow pump can’t meet it. In China, NPSHr of most of the models were even not tested because such pumps are generally used for irrigation and applied very old technology.

Thanks to our accumulation of excellent and optimized hydraulics, we found a good proven impeller prototype to fit into standard pump casing, which provides NPSHr lower than 3m.



Our customized pumping solutions

Either modification based on standard pumps, or development of whole new series, our experience, expertise, and engineering team help to satisfy your requirements by providing customized proposals.

For such horizontal mixed flow centrifugal pump, besides low NPSHr series, we have also solids handling with large free passage series, vertical series available.