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Installation points of Submersible axial flow pumps
 Nov 09, 2021|View:539
1. Preparation before installation

Open the pump packing box, check whether the pump specification and model are consistent with the packing list, check whether there is oil leakage at the bottom of the pump (if there is oil leakage, you need to contact the corresponding supplier), rotate the impeller by hand to see whether it is stuck, check whether there are scratches and tiny holes in the pump cable, check whether there are loose bolts on the combination surface of the pump.

Check whether the Submersible axial flow pumps pit has the installation conditions: there is no debris and water in the pool, and the bottom of the pool should be flat.

Vertical Axial Flow, Mixed Flow Pump

2. Installation

Shaft installation

Submersible axial flow pumps are lifted in a vertical shaft, and the lower end of the shaft has a seat ring with a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the shaft, after the submersible pump is dropped, the O-ring seal is pressed against the seat ring under the action of self-weight, and the pressure is tighter and tighter after the pump is running. After the submersible pump is connected in the borehole, there is no foot bolt, so it is "convenient to lift out the submersible pump after installation. This form has the advantage of space saving, and also has the function of easy maintenance and good maintenance. Steel or prefabricated concrete shaft can be used to build a fully underground pumping station and maintain the ground environment.

Suspended installation

Submersible axial flow pumps do not have a mounting base, but are suspended in the water by the discharge pipe through the pump discharge flange, that is, the submersible pump is suspended through the same discharge pipe, and the discharge pipe is generally arranged above the lowest water surface, so that the installation and maintenance of the submersible pump can be carried out on the water. Suspended installation basically retains the installation characteristics of the vertical pump, it is easy to install on the river bank, but also suitable for the erection of the old pump station, this compact installation method is particularly suitable for the narrow space or less funding.

Shaft type, suspended installation form is mainly used in agriculture, urban water supply and drainage and industry, and can be used to control inland water system, can meet the needs of low head and high flow.

Installation method of Submersible axial flow pumps

Slanting installation

Submersible axial flow pumps and discharge pipes are installed on sliding rails or track guides on a slope, allowing the pumping unit to reach the specified location accurately. It is often used in flood rescue or temporary pumping stations, and is suitable for agricultural drainage and industrial applications. Power distribution and control can be located at the shore.

Note: At present, flood rescue submersible pumps with light weight have the best effect.

Open type installation

It is used to replace the traditional masonry pump and is especially suitable for high specific speed Submersible axial flow pumps for flooding in low-lying flood-prone areas along the lakeshore and as a sewage pump for urban sewage. For example, high flow portable submersible pumps

Testing of Submersible axial flow pumps before operation.

Check the insulation resistance between the electric pump motor and ground, measured with 500V megohmmeter, the value should not be less than 2MΩ, and check whether the grounding is solid and reliable.

3. Maintenance

a. Periodically check the insulation resistance between the electric pump motor and the ground, the value should not be lower than 2MΩ, otherwise the machine should be dismantled for maintenance, and check whether the grounding is reliable and firm, and whether the cable skin is broken, etc.

b, to Submersible axial flow pumps impeller vane and wear ring between the design of a certain gap, with sealing function, when the wear gap in the diameter direction of the maximum value of more than 1.5mm, should replace the vane. The clearance between the impeller and sealing ring of submersible sewage pump depends on the wear and tear of the sealing ring, which can be consulted to the maintenance personnel of the engineering service department of my company.

c, Submersible axial flow pumps in the specified working medium conditions after half a year of normal operation, should check the sealing chamber sealing situation and sealing chamber oil is emulsified state or water precipitation, if so, should be timely replacement of 10 ~ 30 oil and mechanical seal.

d. When the pump is not used for a long time (such as more than 3 months), it should not be immersed in water statically, and the spare pump should be replaced regularly for operation to reduce the chance of the motor stator winding being exposed to moisture, and when the temperature is low, the pump needs to be put forward to prevent freezing.
Storage and maintenance


Check the delivered machine for shipping damage and check the integrity of each accessory according to the delivery records. The pump must be stored vertically in a clean, dry room. The factory has greased the mating surfaces of the parts to protect them. For long term (6 months or more) storage, please do your own maintenance regularly.

②Moisture protection

When the product is shipped from the factory, measures have been taken to seal the end of the cable to achieve the effect of moisture protection. It is strictly forbidden to submerge the cable head in water.

③Mechanical seal protection

The rotor must be rotated more than one or two revolutions per month, so as to form a new protective lubricating film, so that the mechanical seals do not adhere to each other.