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Progressive cavity pumps, replacement of NETZSCH NM series, used in Brunei
 Nov 04, 2021|View:718

5 sets of progressive cavity pumps, replacement of NETZSCH NM pumps

Date: October, 2020, Brunei

Site information

When our customer in Brunei first sent us this inquiry, the only information is Netzsch nameplate and one photo of broken pump.

Our team helped to check more details and instructed to measure and confirm some key dimensions.


Based on site application, we determined material construction together with customer.

After all details were clear, we provided our proposal to customer for double check, and arranged for production after confirmation from their side.


Finished products

High standards are applied to production, painting and testing to our progressive cavity pumps. Rotors, the key part, are imported from German, and ensure reliable performance and great durability.


Site installation and commissionin

After receiving all 5 pump sets in good condition, customer installed them, and no changes were required to existing piping systems because of our profession before PO. After commissioning, these pumps perform greatly and matched previous Netzsch pumps.