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Common trouble shooting of Submersible Column Pump
 Jun 30, 2022|View:372

When it comes to Submersible Column Pump, I believe many people are unfamiliar with it, it is a very important device in the hydraulic system. Rely on the reciprocating movement of plunger, thereby realizing the role of oil absorption, pressure oil.

However, Submersible Column Pump in the use of the process, there will be some failures, people do not know what to do. So what are the common trouble and troubleshooting methods of piston pump? Let's take a look with this question!

Submersible Column Pump

Submersible Column Pump common faults and troubleshooting:

1. The hydraulic pump output flow is insufficient or no output oil night

Submersible Column Pump is often insufficient intake, leakage or too small angle of inclination. Insufficient intake is mainly due to the suction pipe resistance or make-up oil caused by insufficient, such as pump speed is too fast, oil surface caused by too low, leakage is too large, may pump clearance is too large, sealing caused by bad; Tilt plate tilt angle is too small, it is recommended to adjust the tilt angle.

2. The median oil displacement is not zero

In general, when the slope of the swashplate of a Submersible Column Pump is zero, the output flow of the Pump is zero. However, when in use, although the slope of the Pump is zero, there is still flow output. This is generally caused by the deviation or looseness of the controller, etc. , a readjustment is recommended. In addition, the angle of the pump itself is insufficient or tilt angle wear can also occur.

Submersible Column Pump

3.Output flow fluctuates

Submersible Column Pump in the use of output fluctuations, most likely caused by poor control, may be a foreign body in the Pump, scratch or wear control piston, resulting in control piston fluctuations. And the amplifier energy is too small or parts damage can also cause control piston instability. Encounter this kind of fault, need to disassemble hydraulic pump, overhaul can be replaced.

4.abnormal output pressure

Hydraulic pump output pressure is not normal, usually may be too low or too high pressure, pressure is too low, may be gas leakage into the pipe, pressure does not go up, it is recommended to find the leak, replace or fasten parts; Pressure is too large, because the pump overload, to check the direction valve, pressure valve and other hydraulic components.

These are the common Submersible Column Pump and troubleshooting methods, if you want to know more about Submersible Column Pump knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.